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Masterwork360 is a life changing experience where you develop, create or expand your dynamic living legacy.

Masterwork360 is more than just a mastermind program—it's a catalyst for personal and collective transformation. It enables individuals to amplify their impact, fulfill their potential, and leave a lasting legacy that reflects their values and vision for a better world. You're invited to join us at Masterwork360 and redefine what it means to create a dynamic living legacy.

The next ten years will happen whether or not you take charge of the design. It’s time to take ownership of your next decade.

Designing your next decade centers around your core values of wisdom, leadership, enhavim, service, contribution, and legacy.

Start Your Masterwork!

The Real Goal of

Your Legacy is the WISDOM effect that remains plus the WISDOM you design as you live life fully now.

Why don’t most people put their affairs in order? Because they procrastinate, are lacking in knowledge of what to do, and worst, some believe their life doesn’t really matter.

But, that’s not you, right?

You know you want to combine your life’s work and your professional work into a true Masterwork. Perhaps you haven’t scheduled the time, or you prefer to do this with others for ideas and accountability to stay on track. Perhaps a tragedy has you frozen in time.

WHAT'S YOUR MASTERWORK? Have you thought about how Your Wisdom, Your Worth, Your Wealth, and Your Words are the puzzle pieces of your Masterwork? Your wisdom, reflects your accumulated knowledge and insights; your worth, comprises your intrinsic value, contributions and the richness of your experiences; your wealth, includes material resources and financial assets; and your words, the power of your communication and storytelling - plays a pivotal role in shaping the narrative of your life. Most of us need help, even a push, and guidance to make this a priority.

What's Your






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Live Smart

A Life Worth Living, A Life Worth Sharing

You can live hard or you can live smart but not both.
Do you even think about your life long term? Or are you too busy in the day-to-day? Lifelong learning helps you contribute to the collective knowledge and wisdom of society, providing opportunities for others learn from your experiences and insights. Do you live so others want to emulate your virtues and Masterwork?

Enhavim—your future vision, fueled by purpose and fulfilled by mission—is what sets your sights and opens your imagination for your next decade and the rest of your life. This is part of designing your Masterwork.

Do you feel like an imposter when it comes to your intrinsic worth and the value of your contributions? Have you taken any steps to boost your sense of self-worth and purpose? What are you doing today for the rest of your life?

Enhancing and sharing your wisdom, worth, character, virtues, and overall well-being is driven by a deep-seated desire for personal growth, fulfillment, and making a positive impact on others. In the Masterwork360 program, we use ‘The Wisdom Model’, our unique framework, to help you better live life on your terms.

Prioritizing health and well-being, cultivating character and virtues, and seeking meaning and fulfillment are fundamental to leading a meaningful life whether you're on a career path or business owner. Share beyond mere financial assets; share your values and recognize your intrinsic worth – this is the essence of who you are.


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Give Smart

Amplify Your Giving

Your wealth includes material resources and financial assets; but the way you strategically give them or not, matters to you and to those you give. There are real strategies for giving appreciated assets that maximize the impact of your giving. Masterwork360 will give you the tools you need in understanding all the components. When it comes to money and assets it takes both investing and giving. Have you accumulated enough assets to live comfortably and make a charitable impact?

Have you reached out to your financial advisor for guidance? This is not just estate planning. You may face the dilemma between wanting to conserve and hold onto your assets for security and stability versus using them while you are alive to support causes or communities in need today.

There may be a feelings to reconcile with either guilt or privilege associated with your financial assets. What steps do you take to ensure that your wealth is used responsibly and ethically for both personal gain and societal benefit? There is a balance between financial prudence and philanthropy; how do you approach decision-making for the highest benefit for all? Some of these are tough questions and the Masterwork360 program mentors help you clarify and define your important Masterwork.

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Leave Your Mark

The Hidden Layers of Your Story

You can share your wisdom in many formats and your communication is key in shaping the narrative of your life. There is a delicate balance between authenticity and over exposure. The social media sanitized highlight and sizzle reel may miss the nuances and hidden layers of your life. Are you ready to add these in?

Do you believe you have unique talents, passions, and experiences can contribute to leaving a meaningful legacy that extends beyond your lifetime? What does "leaving your mark" mean to you personally, and how do you envision including this in your Masterwork?

There are many ways to curate the past—whether through storytelling, preserving memories, or reflecting on experiences—that contribute to the richness of your relationships and the depth of your influence. Are there discrepancies between your personal narrative and the perceptions others have of you? Do you need to reconcile with people in your life to make corrections? Where do you need to invest more in your relationship riches?

You design the decades and the depth of your influence. What you share may significantly influence others and have an impact your relationships. Your sense of community may be local or global. Family, friends or someone on the other side of the world who has experienced your Masterwork may be moved and inspired to take action because of you.


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